Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math
Interactive Resume Builder
by Higher Math
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Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math helps you to organize your job assignments and carefully document your skills and training. The result is a beautifully laid out interactive HTML precis that is suitable for posting on your own web site.

Online Samples and Advice

The program gives you direct access to our comprehensive Employment Center. There you will find sample resumes, cover letters and letters of recommendation. Also, find advice on job interviewing, internships and networking.

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Your Resume In Four Different Formats

Your resume is produced as interactive HTML suitable for posting on websites. But, as need arises, Interactive Resume Builder will produce instantly an attractive resume in these formats:

Resume Format How to Use It
  • Send to colleagues,
  • Post to your web site,
  • Post to HTML-friendly job boards.
Word File
  • Send to colleagues,
  • Print out for mailing.
Text File
  • Send as the body of email to attachment-phobic recipients,
  • Post to text-only job boards.
Clipboard Text
  • For easy pasting into online job board forms,
  • Use a hotkey to copy your resume to the clipboard.

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Get started on your job search. The sooner you finish your resume, the sooner you can get started. And, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will have that new job. Interactive Resume Builder makes it possible to finish your resume much sooner. If you get a job one day earlier than you would have, that's one day pay that Interactive Resume Builder has helped you earn. Well worth $15.95!

Sample Resumes

These samples were produced using Interactive Resume Builder:

Technical Resume

Educator's Resume

Get That Vital Edge in the Job Market

Resume writing is made easier by Interactive Resume Builder. It will assist you in making a beautiful, interactive resume that you will be proud to post on your web site, or send to prospective employers even if you don't have a web site.

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