Blue Tango, the Text Scrambler
Blue Tango by Higher Math
BlueTango, the Text Scrambler
by Higher Math

Got A Message That Needs Decoding?

How to Unscramble the Message You Received

The message you received contains one or more encoded sections. The scrambled text looks something like:

[({-> section<-})]

In order to unscramble the message, you must download a free copy of our product. You can then select (highlight) the scrambled message (including the beginning "[({->" and ending "<-})]"tags) and copy it into the product. As long as you know the password that was used to scramble it, you can unscramble it.

So go ahead and download your free copy of our product so that you can unscramble the message. Or, better yet, before downloading it, buy it for 25% off the regular price.

Download BlueTango, The Text Scrambler

Download the setup program and run it. Answer "Yes" to the security question and save the BlueTango04.Zip file (remember where you put it). Unzip the file, run setup.exe (double-click it), and follow the directions provided by the installation wizard. Then run BlueTango04.exe (remember where you installed it and double-click it or look for it in your program menu under Blue Tango). But there's a catch! The downloaded product allows you to decode messages sent to you. You have to pay for a licensed version to scramble your own messages.... not so bad when you realize that the price is only $16.

But here's an even better deal. Buy it now and you'll pay only $12 (25% off). Then you can scramble your own messages as well unscrambling those sent to you. Remember, it takes two to tango.

You can take advantage of this discount only if you buy the license within 14 days of downloading the product.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, 2000, ME or XP.

Restrictions On The Unlicensed Version
  • You may unscramble text as long as you know the password.
  • You may not scramble text without first purchasing a full license.
Thanks for Trying Our Product!

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