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Forgot Your Scrambling Password Or Your Log-In Password?

  • How To Obtain A Password Hint

Can't Remember What Password You Used For Scrambling Or For Logging-In?

We have created a module which will retrieve the "Username" and the "Password Hint" that were stored with the scrambled text, or the "Password Hint" that was stored when a new "Username" was created. So if you have forgotten the password that was used to scramble some text, or you have forgotten the password needed to log-in as a particular user, we can retrieve the "Password Hint" to help you remember.

Of course we cannot retrieve the "Password Hint" unless you provided one at the time of scrambling or at the time of creating the new "Username". And if you chose to scramble anonymously (without logging-in as a specific user), then we cannot retrieve the "Password Hint".

The module will not retrieve the actual "Password". We consider the retrieval of the "Password Hint" to be a serious request, so it is not a simple process.

First, make sure it is a password problem. When trying to unscramble the text (or log-in), it must say the password is invalid. Any other message means that the text (or user file) is probably corrupt and cannot be unscrambled.

Second, try to recall the password yourself. There are unlimited attempts at unscrambling (or logging-in), so keep trying. Remember that if you are logged-in, you can see all the passwords you are currently using throughout the product by going into the general "Settings/Tools" (lowest row of tabs) and clicking on "Report Of All Current Passwords". Look at all the scrambling passwords and try each of them. Maybe you will see from that report that a password you actually used was other than the one you thought, or that the password had a typo in it.

Many users keep a running list of all their passwords in the PERSONAL FREE-FORM AREA. Others use only one scrambling password on all occasions.

If all this fails, then you can pay to have us try to retrieve the "Password Hint" that was stored along with the "Password". When you scramble, you are urged to add a "Password Hint" to help you remember the password. And you are urged to create a "Username" before entering the application. We can retrieve that hint on request. But we will not tell you the stored "Password Hint" unless you know the "Username" that was in effect at the time of the scrambling. If you scrambled the message without creating a "Username" or without entering a "Password Hint", you cannot retrieve the "Password Hint". If the password you have forgotten is the one for logging-in as a particular user, that can also be retrieved. (Obviously, in that case you would not have to know the "Username" because it is the "Password Hint" associated with that "Username" that is trying to be retrieved.)

I Want To Pay To Retrieve A Password Hint

You can try to retrieve the "Password Hint" used for scrambling some text (or for the log-in "Username") by doing the following:

  • Step 1: If it is a scrambled section of text, go into the product and select (highlight) the scrambled section.
    • Use the "copy" "from text area" panel to copy the scrambled section "to the clipboard" as "plain text" (note that even if you are in a rich text area of the application, the scrambled section itself can be saved to the clipboard as plain text).
    • Then use the "copy" "from clipboard" panel to save the plain scrambled section "to a file..." under the name "Hint.txt" (remember where you put it!).
    • If it is the log-in password that was forgotten, find the "<username>.blu" file in the same place that the application resides. That is the plain text file you will send us.
    • Look at the size of the file. If it exceeds 100 kb, it is too big. You cannot use this process to have us try a "Password Hint" retrieval. Instead, send us an email (address below) asking how to process a file of that size. Do not attach the file. Simply tell us the size in kb and we will respond with an email quoting a price for that one single retrieval and will explain how you can pay and how you can send us the file.
  • Step 2: Pay $20.00 to PayPal to receive a 3-pack of "Password Hint" retrievals. PayPal will send you an email confirming your payment. Click the "Buy Now" button below.
  • Step 3: Save the confirmation email. You can use it up to three times to attempt "Password Hint" retrievals within one year of the payment via PayPal.
  • Step 4: Forward the PayPal confirmation email to us with either the "Hint.txt" attached or the "<username>.blu" attached.
    • If it is "Hint.txt", you must tell us the "Username" that was in effect at the time (tell us that "Username" in the body of the email, with nothing else in the body...).
    • If you are trying to retrieve the "Password Hint" for the "Username", no body of the email is needed.
    • The email address is:
    •  <--hyperlinked to your email system
    •   <--not hyperlinked so you can more easily select/highlight it and copy/paste it into the TO: area of your forwarding email
  • Step 5: We will attempt to extract the "Username" and the "Password Hint".
    • If we are not successful due to data corruption, we will tell you so in a response.
    • If we can retrieve the hint, and if the "Username" matches what you supplied in the body, then we will respond with the stored "Password Hint".
    • If the "Username" does not match, then we will tell you they did not match (but we will no tell you the "Username" or the "Password Hint").
    • If it is a .blu file, we will tell you the retrieved "Password Hint" unless the file is corrupt or none was supplied when the "Username" was created.

If Step 5 is done, one of your three paid attempts for password hint retrieval will be complete, regardless of the outcome.

When you need another retrieval attempt, forward the PayPal email again with the new attachment.

Thanks for Using Our Product!

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